What Size Ladder to Clean Gutters: How to measure?

Cleaning your gutter is necessary at the same time, difficult, delicate and risky task. Besides., finding the right instrument for the job requires a few calculations and facts to consider.

In such a situation, people are often stuck between the three most common questions:

  1. What size ladder to clean gutters
  2. How to reach on the gutter
  3. How to place a ladder against gutter without damaging it

These three questions are important, and before attempting the gutter cleaning project, you must know all these answers.

Feeling tensed?

Don’t worry; today, we have mainly focused on these questions and gradually have answered all of them with details and product references.

So, without further delay, let’s get started.

What Size Ladder to Clean Gutters: 3 Most Effective Ways to Calculate

Although this is the most asked question, it’s impossible to answer it in just one sentence or a few words.

After all, for selecting the right ladder for your gutter, you have to calculate your working height, your house type, and a few other facts.

However, the good news is, we have divided the ladder height calculation and house type into three different sections with full details.

Check one by one and find out what type and size of ladder you need for your house gutter cleaning.

Ladder height you need: For 1- or single-story house gutter cleaning

As we already mentioned, what size ladder you need depends on what type of house you live in. Consequently, if you live in a single-story house or bungalow. The measurement of your house gutter from the ground is roughly 3.3 meters or approximately 12 feet in height.

Generally, a 1 story house’s gutter can be easily cleaned by 8 to 10 feet step ladders. Therefore, if you want to clean your single-story house gutter with two-section extension ladders, you need a 15 to 17 feet extension ladder.

Because an extension ladder loses 1-3 inches height due to its design and feature.

Besides, you can also use telescoping, straight, and combination ladders. And for this, your ladder should be 15 feet in working height.

In addition, we have included two ladder references for one-story house gutter cleaning.

Recommended ladders for a single-story house with brief details

Ladder nameBrief DetailsRecommended Product
TB Davies Light Duty 8 Tread Platform Step LaddersA great step ladder with an all-metal step that can bear a 150 kg workload. It is fantastic for occasional and permanent use for both homes. It will good choice for 1 story house gutter cleaning.View on amazon
Louisville Ladder AE2216 Extension LadderIt is 16 feet and 300-pound weight capacity 2-part extension ladder. Build-in quality material that meets industrial stander.View on amazon

Ladder height you need: For 2- or double-story house gutter cleaning

Moving forward to 2 story houses, the measurement of the gutter from the ground is roughly 4.8 meters or approximately 15.7 feet. Meaning that any type of step ladder would not be suitable for 2 story house gutter cleaning.

As you might already know, step ladders can be highly available at 10 feet long.

In this case, you need an extension ladder for the job. According to 2 story house length, your needed extension ladder working height should be 19 feet or 5.8 meters.

One thing you should know: extension ladder actual height and working height is different.

For example, a 24 feet extension ladder can be highly reached from 22 to 23 feet height because the extension ladder has 1-2 inches overlap among the base and fly parts.

Eventually, when you need 19 feet working height, you should choose 24 feet to 26 feet extension ladder and then adjust the ladder height according to your work height.

Moreover, an extension ladder has to be placed by maintaining the ladder angle rule. And for the correct angle rule maintained for every 4 feet, you have to place your ladder 1 foot away from your house wall.

So, for a 2-story house, 24 feet to 26 feet extension ladder can do the job perfectly.

Note: If you are still confused about ladder working height and original height, read our ladder height calculator chart article and get more information.

Recommended ladders for double story house with brief details

Ladder NameBrief DetailRecommended Product
Louisville Ladder FE3224 Fiberglass Extension LadderThis is a fiberglass non-conductive 24 feet ladder that has a 300-pound weight capacity. It is strong, durable, and reliable while you are working at a high height.View on amazon
Werner D6228-2 Extension-laddersWerner D6228 is another fiberglass extension ladder that suits great for 2 story gutter cleaning projects. It has 300 pounds weight capacity, offers numerous height options, and is reasonable in price.View on amazon

Recommended multipurpose or combination ladder for 1 and 2 story houses

More or less, we have already given you a few ladders recommendations. Apart from that, you can also use a multi-position for cleaning one-story or 2 story house gutters.

This type of ladder can be used as a step, extension, and even in telescoping layout.

Well, for a multi-position ladder, you can use little giant velocity 22 and Werner MT-17. On the other hand, for telescoping and extension layout, you can check Xtend & Climb 785P ladder.

Ladder height you need: For 3- or three-story house gutter cleaning

Coming to the 3-story house gutter height, the measurement is divided into two sections. Generally, the three-story house is designed in two layouts. One is an office building, and another is a residential building.

The office building of the three-story house is constructed in among the 38 to 45 feet tall. On the other hand, a residential three-story is constructed roughly 33 to 35 feet or approximately 10.66 meters.

Since we focus on residential budding gutter height. So the 3-story house gutter height from the ground is approximately 33 to 35 feet.

Now selecting the ladder for a three-story house gutter cleaning. You would need a 40 to 44 feet extension ladder and obviously, it is risky and scary for any unskilled ladder user.

In such cases, you must ask for professional help or use a gutter vacuum system instead of a ladder.

Note: We don’t recommend cleaning the gutter of a three-story house by yourself if you are an unprofessional ladder user. If you want to clean it by yourself, then go with a gutter vacuum. And if you appoint professionals, then you can go with a ladder.

Recommended ladders and gutter vacuum for three story houses with brief details

Product NameBrief DetailsRecommended Product
Louisville Ladder FE3240This ladder is featured with stable steel swivel safety shoes and durable material. Allow 300-pound weight capacity and reliable for long height work.View on amazon
SkyVac 7111347281878 Atom Gutter Cleaning MachineIt is one of the best quick and effortless gutter cleaning machines. It can reach 1 story to 4 story house and you have to choose the length accordingly.View on amazon

How to place a ladder against gutter without damaging it

Very first thing you might know, the maximum gutter is built up with easily breakable or lightweight material. Meaning that, if you directly place your ladder against a gutter, it can hardly bear the ladder weight. Consequently, the gutter gets damaged, broken, or might fall off.

So, what can you do?

Well, you can use a step ladder, then there is no problem placing it near the gutter, not over the gutter.

But it’s not recommended to place it directly over the gutters when you are using an extension, telescoping, or straight ladder.

In this manner, a ladder stabilizer can be a great help. There are various types of ladder stabilizers available for both wall and rooftop.

Buy one according to your need and attach it to an extension ladder top part. And place it against a wall or over the roof.

Another solution is, you can place your ladder against the wall below the gutter. But if you place the ladder too far you can’t reach the gutter and see it easily. Besides, this type of ladder placement increases the accidental fall down.

Here, using a stabilizer and standoff for a ladder can help you place your ladder against the gutter without damaging it.

Safety tips for using ladder against gutter for one-, two- and three-story houses

  • Measure your working height properly before selecting any ladder
  • Don’t use a too short or too long ladder for your job
  • Buy a pair of plastic gloves to protect your hand before starting gutter cleaning
  • Use a ladder stabilizer or standoff for stability and protect your gutter from damage
  • Make sure you follow the ladder angle rule while placing the ladder against the gutter
  • Always maintain 3 points of contact while you are on the ladder
  • If your ladder is unstable, then you can tie off your ladder top or bottom part for extra safety
  • Never re-site ladder while you are standing on it
  • Use tool bag instead of hand carry

Frequently Ask Question

  • Which is the best type of ladder for cleaning gutters?

Answer: Actually, it depends on your house type as you want it for a one-story house, two-story house or another type of house. If you want an overall answer, then an extension ladder could be a good choice for gutter cleaning because you can customize its length according to your need.

  • Where to place the ladder while cleaning the gutter?

Answer: Make sure you place your ladder on plain ground or surface. In case the ground is slippery or uneven use a ladder leveler or anti-slip mat.

  • Aluminum or fiberglass ladder which type of ladder is best for gutter cleaning?

Answer: If you compare fiberglass vs aluminum ladder, it is difficult to answer in one sentence or two It depends on your working type, place, and your budget also. You can choose any of them. But if you are working around an electrical line. Better to avoid the aluminum ladder as it conducts electricity.

  • Is it ok to place the ladder directly on the gutter?

Answer: No, it is not safe and not recommended by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration). It not only raises a chance to damage the gutter. Rather also can damage your ladder and can lead you to an accident.

Final words

To wrap up, we hope you got the answer of what size ladder to clean gutters you need. And as we have promised, we also answer how to place a ladder against the gutter without damaging it.

Besides, included additional information about product references, gutter safety tips, and frequently asked questions to give you the full and elaborate information.

Best of luck, and work safely on your gutter project.

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