Werner Mt 17 Review- 20 Position in One Ladder

If you want a single ladder for home and professional use, it isn’t easy to choose the right ladder. In case, Werner Mt 17 review is for you to show you the right path.

You need a ladder for your homework like painting, DIY projects, or any professional job. Meantime Werner Mt 17 will be your perfect match.

You might get wonder why we say this so surely, right? Well, scroll down to see the full model details, and you will know what we say is right or wrong.

Werner MT-17 Telescoping-Ladders

Warner is the name of ladder brands that established their business in this category for two decades and more. They have a high reputation in the ladder manufacture world for making different high-quality different sort of ladder for their consumer.

With that said, the Werner Mt-17 has its great creation, which comes from their MT series, the series famous for a new invention.

So without wasting any more seconds, first see the ladder key feature.

Key Measurements

  • Multi-position ladder scheme
  • Extra-wide flared bottom
  • Slip resistance feet
  • 350IBS weight capacity
  • Advance J-lock technology
  • Double riveted steps
  • Two-person ladder
  • Adjustable height and position

Design and size

We start to describe the ladder by its unique design and size measurement. The manufacturer designs this particular model in a multi-structure ladder but entitles it as a telescoping ladder.

The name somehow does not suit it. Because it looks like a step ladder but works like a multifunctional ladder.

By the way, the name does not matter what matters; it is an ideal device for your all job. However, it is coated with aluminum (silver color), and the full product dimension is 7.8 x 25 x 56.8 inches.

Material and weight

Moving to the material, the Werner MT 17 is made of professional-grade aluminum. The material allows using it in professional and home-related jobs and keeps it lightweight to carry out easily and effortlessly.

The overall weight of the device is 0.16 ounces. It is much lighter compared with other commercial-grade ladders.

Stability and security

The most curial part of any ladder is its stability and the security it offers to the user. In this case, we must have to admit this particular model won the battle. Yes, for extreme stability, the manufacturer adds slip-resistance feet so that they can be stable on any surface.

Likewise, included an extra-wide flared bottom and double rived step for comfortable climbing and firm support. Moreover, it has a curved smooth rail which again gives a user super comfort and strength.

All this setting made the ladder stable and safe to climb and gave it long-lasting durability.

Load capacity

After material, design, and stability, the next thing you, of course, ask for is its load capacity. Don’t worry; the ladder can bear 300 IBS weight, including person and tools. We guess this capacity is perfect for all jobs.

Above, we have given you full details about MT-17 design, color, material, security, load capacity then anything left?

Yes, now it’s time to show you the best side of the ladder, which makes it unique. Let’s see then.


The feature and character that made Werner Mt-17 different from many models allow customizing 20 different working heights and positions. Among them, the most common five are given below. Take a look.

Extension ladder shape

The model comes with advanced and easy operation spring-loaded J-locks. This feature allows you to customize the ladder into an extension ladder. Just disengage the lock on either side, set your desired height, and reengage the locks to fix it. As it is a 17-foot ladder after conversion to an extension ladder, according to the ladder height calculator, it can reach a minimum of 9ft to a maximum of 15ft.

Extension ladder shape

Step ladder shape

Like the extension ladder setting, you can also adjust the device and make it a step ladder. If you have confusion, you can also check the manual for help. By the way, with the step ladder layout, you can reach a minimum of 4ft to a maximum of 7ft height.

Step ladder shape

Stairway position

Although ladder is available in the attic, step, telescoping, extension layout, it always makes it difficult to use them on the staircase. Meantime, this problem can be solved easily through our mentioned model. Yes, you can use this ladder as a stairway step ladder and can reach 5ft to 7ft. see the picture for a clear image.

Like the staircase, you can even place it against the wall at a 90-degree angle.

Stairway position

Two-scaffold base

Again you can use it as a two-scaffold base (the plank and tied have to buy separately). Of course, for doing so, you need two ladders.

Two-scaffold base

Twin step ladder 

Lastly, you can use it as a twin ladder as per your need. At the time of climbing, two people on it, each side of the ladder can bear 300IBS weight including person and carry stuff.

Twin step ladder

Do you expect anything else from a single ladder as this one offers to you? Hope not? So let’s see some pros and cons of the model.


  • It can be adjusted in multi-height and position
  • Very lightweight to carry
  • High load capacity
  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy setup and installation
  • Super stable
  • Long-lasting durability


  • May complain it is not a genuine two-person ladder( be careful with this feature)

Final verdict

From the beginning to the end of this article, we tried to give you a genuine Werner Mt 17 review with all of its strengths and weaknesses. Now it’s up to you to decide if it truly meets your need or not. However, we have covered here the Mt-17 model, but they have few other sizes like MT-13, MT-22, and MT-26.

All the sizes have almost the same feature, and the main difference is just in their height. So you can also check the other size option. We are done for today. Good luck to you!

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