Little Giant Velocity 22- Best Ladder for All Type of Work

How would it have been like if you have a single ladder but work as all sort ladders whether it’s a step ladder, extension ladder, and 90-degree ladder, and so on? Of course, it will be exciting to have this type of ladder in your position. Well, don’t be confused we are taking about Little Giant Velocity 22 that has all in one technology.

Yes, it is such kind of ladder that can be used for construction work, homework, DIY home improvement project and whatever you want.

Hard to believe right! Then see the little giant velocity 22 review and we were sure you will happy to know the details.

Little Giant 22-Foot Velocity Multi-Use Ladder

Little Giant is the name of prominent brands when it comes to ladder manufacture. They have ruled over this industry since the 1970s and offer a high-quality ladder for their worldwide customer. However, we have selected the little giant velocity 22 ladders for review since for its super demand and popularity.

Design and size

Well, the model does not get this fame merely as it has many distinguished qualities and features. Before elaborate let’s see the highlighted feature.

Key Measurements

  • Versatile ladder structure
  • Advance rock-lock technology
  • Genuine two-person ladder
  • Maintain OSHA, CSA and ANSI stander
  • 300-IBS weight capacity
  • Having a Palm and hinge system

Design and size

The design makes the first impression of any product which you desire to own. In case, little giant ladder 22 own your heart no doubt. Yes, it is exquisitely designed with an eye-catching outline along with versatile features and characteristics.

It is available in only one color but offers three different sizes to choose from. Here we have picked the stander 22 feet one but of course, you are free to take according to your needs. However, our mention model’s full dimension is 8 x 27 x 67 inches.

Extended Feature and function

We have already mentioned, the model has multiple functions and features, now it’s time to show you each of them separately. Let’s start.

Rock-lock technology

The first impressive and innovative system of this particular ladder is its rock-lock system. This system is not only made the model unique rather add extra facility. The advanced lock technology enables the user to shift ladder settings from one to another within a few seconds.

A user can adjust the ladder height, position and lock it just in three steps- Push, adjust and finally tap. The whole process is very easy and hassle-free.

Little Giant 22-Foot Velocity Multi-Use Ladder

Extension ladder layout

The second extraordinary characteristic of the ladder is you can use it as an extension ladder. For small to large projects you can transforms this ladder into an extension ladder and can reach rooftop, ceiling, tree limbs and other height places where you want.

Velocity 22 models allow you to extend the ladder height minimum 11 to maximum 19 feet by its duel pin hinge.

Extension ladder layout

Staircase pattern

The third number exquisite feature of the model is its one-foot increment system. This ladder is enabled the user to customize the ladder pattern into a step ladder. Likewise, allow extending the ladder one side according to user needs.

Consequently, this adjustable system help user to use in on staircase, docks, uneven surface and other that sort of ground.

Staircase pattern

90-degree ladder structure

Similar to the staircase pattern, velocity allows a user to customize the ladder structure into a 90-degree ladder shape. This 90-degree angle helps the user to place the ladder against the wall, any vertical surface or any flat surface.

Undoubtedly this structure will bring benefits for work like painting and other construction jobs.

90-degree ladder structure


Another unique feature of the model is its scaffolding composition. The velocity can be pulled apart to form two scaffold trestles. Apparently, you can add work plank (have to buy separately) and trestles brackets (have to buy separately) to make a time-saving scaffolding system.

Scaffolding design

A-frame shape

Next, the velocity offers the user to customized the ladder into A-frame which is the most common and traditional design of the ladder. You can easily configure it into A-frame just by simply click of the patented hinge.

A-frame shape

Material and weight

Now stepped to the material details, the particular ladder is made by aerospace-grade aluminum construction. The material not only made the ladder strong rather gives it long-lasting durability. In fact, keep it quiet lightweight to carry but firm enough to stand on the place even on an uneven surface.

The product full weight is 39 pounds with can be regarded as stander weight as it is a multi-functional device.

Stability and security

At the point of stability, the ladder again proves itself all in one model. Velocity 22 has wide-flared legs that provide an unconditional feeling of stability and security while climbing on. Besides the hinge and palm system along with triple locking hinge add extra security.

Moreover, the manufacture claim by using their little giant velocity a user can avoid 95% of all ladder-related safety issues. Since it has certified by OSHA and ANSI so you can believe it!

Load bear capacity

Now in case you are worried about the load capacity then let us tell you it has a high capacity. Yes, the ladder can bear 300 IBS weight on both sides and make a great example of a true two-person ladder.

However, there is no way that this product is perfect as there are always some cons available. Let’s find those.


  • Multi-functional ladder design
  • Available in few  sizes
  • For easy transport comes with wheels
  • Allow easy set up within a minute
  • Reasonable price tag
  • 20% lighter than any industrial ladder
  • For both professional and non-professional user
  • Meet the OSHA and ANSI Standers
  • 300 pounds load capacity
  • Aluminum construction
  • Two-person ladder


  • A bit heavy to carry out

Final verdict

There is no denying that the little giant velocity 22 has all those feature and quality which an ideal ladder should have. We hope, from our genuine reviews you find out all your unknown answers. We warp by saying, if you want one ladder for all reason then there is no better choice than little giant velocity model. Good luck!


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