10 Best Toddler Step Stool (Parents choice)

best toddler step stool

Research proved that if you give your child an opportunity to do small work by themselves self it gives them a great confidence level. The “work” means brushing the teeth, washing hands in sinks and even rise on the high bed without your help.

In such circumstances, your growing-up baby must need the best toddler step stool that helps them to do such a thing with safety.

We emphasized the word “best” because you can’t afford to take a risk on your child. In this case, you must have to find out the unparalleled choice for them.

Eventually, we came here to help you in your way with our finest pick of the toddler step stool. No matter, you want to train your child for potty or want to make them independent. For every category, we have a great option for you.

Now scroll down to know the details.

10 Best Toddler Step Stool Review 2021

After eliminated almost 37 products we able to stand out with this list of the best toddler step stool. Consequently arranged this list with Variety function stools and priced products that can meet the needs of all aged children.

So without further word gets through our original motive.

1. Dual Height 2 Step Stool for Kids | Toddler’s Stool (Best overall)

Dual Height 2 Step Stool

The first product we have caught from the Secure Home by Jessa Leona the brand that made all sorts of products for your loving baby. Consequently, this two-step stool is entirely designed for growing up toddlers to reach in the high place.

Whether they want to reach the kitchen or bathroom counter, wanted to reach the toilet seat it will be an appropriate height for them.  It is designed in a two-step layout whereas the bottom one is 5.5 inches and the top step is 10.5 inches.

And the full product dimension is 10.3″ High x 12.7″ Wide x 14″ and can bear 150 IBS weight.

However, both steps have soft rubber grip surfaces that are comfortable enough for your child to stand for a long time. Besides, for safety and stability having a slip-resistance foot that gives traction on all types of floor.

Made in plastic which keeps it lightweight and coated with Greige color that fits the stool with any home decor.

Summary: It is an all-in-one stool for your child that not only helps you to train your baby for potty rather also helps them to do other things fearlessly.  


  • Perfect for potty train
  • Wide top step
  • Slip-resistance foot and top
  • Two-step design


  • The bottom step is narrow

2. Bumbo Step Stool Black (Best for reach in the sink)

Bumbo Step Stool Black

Next, we have another best kid step stool which we have collected from Bumbo brands. If you are not happy with toddler two-step stools and looking for a single-step then this one might meet your expectation level.

It is made of plastic material and coated with the white and black color combo. Although there have few color options so you can take them according to your kid’s choice. The full product dimension is measure as 11.1 x 15.1 x 6.5 inches and can bear 110IBS weight.

The most noticeable feature of the stools is their base and surface mechanism. To make the stools stable for your kids, the manufacturer builds them up with a slip-resistance base and surface. The setup undoubtedly keeps the stools stable in a place and provides extra comfort.

Likewise, the weight is 1.17 pounds that make it easy movement from room to bathroom or living room, dining room whatever you want.

Summary: Bumbo step stool is specially made for the toddler who wants to reach the sink. The manufacturer keeps it very budget-friendly so no harm to try it for once. 


  • Portable
  • Lightweight
  • Slip-resistance base and surface
  • Inexpensive
  • Great for potty train and sink reach


  • Not tall enough to reach high height place

3. Fantasy Fields – Froggy Thematic Kids Wooden Step Stool (Most creative)

Fantasy Fields Wooden Step Stool

For the 3rd number position, we have presented the most unique stools that certainly love your baby girl or boy. It is from Fantasy Field brands that made these world-class exclusive stools that can be identified among 100 options.

With that said, it is beautifully designed with hand-painted hand-carved that is free of lead. The manufacturer uses wood material for this excellent piece and the full product dimension is 11.8 x 10.6 x 10.6 inches.

The weight-bearing capacity of the model is 100IBS and the stool weight is 9.19 pounds. It has a non-slip surface and as is made of wood so stable enough on any floor.

Apart from size and weight, another great feature of the model is its lids that pop up to reveal handy storage space.

Eventually, this feature not only makes this stool perfect for your child’s playroom and bedroom. Rather also make it ideal for study room and obviously good one to reach a new height.

Summary: This is the most individual piece of our top list. Its design, feature, price all together make it ideal for a gift on occasion like birthday, Christmas, or any child occasion. 


  • Excellent hand paint design
  • Non-slip surface
  • Perfect for gift
  • Wood construction
  • Having storage chamber
  • Ideal in size


  • Require assembly
  • Not for bathroom use

4. Kids Best Friend Boys Blue Step Stool (Best for the potty train)

Boys Blue Step Stool

Next we have another best potty training step stool for your toddler which we have taken from Angel’s brands. It is a step model that is inexpensive in price and having the entire feature that a stool should have.

Meanwhile, it is appeared in a white and blue color combo and made from a sturdy plastic material. The overall product dimension is 14.5 x 10 x 5.5 inches and can bear 70IBS weight.

Likewise, the product weight is 2.4 ounces and having kid’s friendly carrying handles that make it easy to move from one place to another.

Now at the point of reach needed height, it has perfect 5 inches height that can be regarded as ideal for your baby to reach on toilet, sinks and even in bed. Means can use for all sorts of baby jobs.

And for safety, the stool has an anti-slip grip top and anti-slip bottom which ensure your baby’s safety and stability.

Summary: If you are looking for an ideal low-budget potty train stool for your growing bay then you can try this without any second thought. 


  • Compact design
  • Great for potty train
  • Easy to clean and carry
  • Anti-slip top
  • Very lightweight
  • Reasonable in price


  • Not for high height place

5. KidKraft Two Step Stool (Traditional wood construction)

KidKraft Two Step Stool

We come with another wood-constructed best step stool for toddlers whom we have snatched from KidKraft brands. This model is designed with traditional decoration along with stander two-step layouts.

The stool appears in Espresso color and smooth finish. The full product dimension is 15.2 x 13 x 14 inches. Since it is made of wood accordingly the weight is a bit heavy 7.5pounds.

Similar to a bit heavyweight the stools can bear up to 150IBS weight in its every step. It is strong enough for a child aged from 36 months to 3 years. The stool is the finest combination of modernism and tradition and perfect for all height high reach.

Whether your baby wants to reach on kitchen or bathroom sinks, book self, commode or high height bed it will be an ideal size. However, it is non-slip material so no tension about your child’s safety.

The only thing you need to learn about the model is its assembly process. And for doing that easily the manufacturer included step-by-step instructions for you.

Summary: If you looking for a traditional wood stool for your baby then it might be an ideal match.


  • Strong wood construction
  • Ideal two-step structure
  • Available in a different color


  • Bit heavy

6. Folding Step Stool – The Lightweight Step Stool (For both elderly and kids)

Folding Step Stool

Next we have a stool for both toddlers and elder persons which we have collected from popular brands namely Handy Laundry. This particular stool has gained super response whether it for an adult person or for kids use.

The design of the stool is quite a stander that is available in three different colors. The full product dimension is 13.8 x 1.7 x 11.4 inches which are measure as open 9 inches high and 1.7 inches in folding or storage mode.

You can easily store it in your kitchen cabinet, cupboard or fridge or on a shelf in a closet.

It is made of plastic but the material is certified by ANSI III requirement so you can expect great quality. Beside the stools is only 2.3 pounds in weight but can bear a heavy 200IBS weight.

Apart from that, comes with anti-skip pads leg and grip-dots textured surface for comfortable standing along with super stability.

But one thing the folding part is not locking into place so you should supervise your baby at the time of their use.

Summary: When you need folding stools for elders and toddlers then this model can be an appropriate solution. Besides has portability so can be a great choice for your car as well.


  • Ideal for all aged people
  • Portability
  • Available in different color option
  • Easy storage facility
  • Meet the ANSI stander


  • It has no automatic lock system

7. Disney Minnie Mouse” Bowtique” Step Stool (Fancy design)

Bowtique Step Stool

Do you look for any fancy design stool for your child that attracted them to stand there and you can easily train them for potty? Then this Disney brand stool is for you.

Yes, it one of the fanciest design stools on our list that is appeared in a few designs including Minnie mouse, Disney car, Disney princess, Nickelodeon, Paw Patrol and a few more. Likewise offer different color options so you can choose both for your girl or boy child.

The full product dimension is 9.8 x 5.2 x 14.2 inches and structure in a curved one-step layout.

Moving to the material, it is made of sturdy plastic that doesn’t crake easily and can hold 200IBS weight. But surprising it is only 1 pound in weight so your child can easily carry it from one place to another.

In case of stability and comfort, the stool is build up in non-slip bottom and surface that provide super stability. And your little one comfortable standing feature with stiff gripping rubber upper.

Summary: It is a very colorful design that easily loved your child no doubt. Besides, it can carry 200IBS weight so you can use it for any elder person at your home.


  • Adorable famous carton design
  • Offer multiple color and design
  • Very lightweight
  • Non-slip  bottom and top
  • Inexpensive


  • Only 5-inch height

8. Little Partners The Orignal Learning Tower (Learning stools with unique design)

Little Partners The Orignal Learning Tower

For the 8th number position, we have an exclusive model which not exactly a stool rather you can call it a standing bed that is small in size. We have including this unique piece into our list for those toddlers who staring learning new activities.

With said, it comes from Little Partners brands who beautifully design this particular stool in a two-step layout along with all side rail. Available in verity color and here we have presented the natural one.

The full product dimension is 39 x 24 x 22 inches whereas you can measure the height 38 inches, width 12 inch and long 33 inches. By the way, you can customize the height in 4 different heights according to growing up baby height and need.

Apart from that, it is made of fine wood and color in non-toxic lead-free paint. Besides, the stool has a non-slip platform that makes sure your baby’s safe and comfort.

Although the product weight is 26 pounds mean weighty but it can bear 500 pounds that are tested by the manufacturer.

So you can use it for a long time even for your two babies at one time.

Summary: However, it is one of the most luxurious stools in our top category that is a perfect gift for any occasion like, baby shower, birthday or charismas gift. It demands a high price but really it worth the price tag. 


  • Comes with 4 sides rail
  • Can bear heavyweight
  • Perfect for reach on the kitchen counter
  • Allow adjust the height
  • Great for a baby new experience
  • Use lead-free paint
  • Extra-wide step or platform


  • Expensive
  • Weighty

9. Kids Green Step Stool – Great for Potty Training (Most budget pick)

Kids Green Step Stool

In the 9th number position, we have the most budget-friendly stool is for your loving toddler which we have taken from Tundras brands. The stool is a combination of great features and quality that surely help your child in their way to reach height place.

Consequently, it is designed in one step structure and the full product dimension is 14.5 x 9.5 x 5.1 inches. The size is just perfect to help your child reach on the sink for bruising teeth or washing hands or reach on a traditional commode.

It appears in a white and green color combo that can easily fit any home decor. Likewise, it is having two finger holes that help your baby to carry it from one place to another easily.

Made of sturdy plastic that not only keeps it durably rather makes it lightweight to carry.

In addition, for safety, the manufacture included anti-slip marks bottom and top. The setup keeps the stool stable in a place and the upper non-slip dots give your child enough comfort while standing.

Summary: This is the most budget stools on our list along with great features and quality. If you look for a potty train stool for your kids and also keep it budget-friendly then surely check this one. 


  • Inexpensive price tag
  • Ideal for potty train
  • Anti-slip bottom and top
  • Light weight
  • Cones with finger holes for easy carry


  • Not for child age 6 or more

10. Acko 16 Inches Super Strong Folding Step Stool (Versatile design)

Acko 16 Inches Super Strong Folding Step Stool

When in your house you have an elder parent’s t or relative and at the time you have grown up baby then this stool is for you. We have taken this from the Acko brand that is one of the most versatile models on our list.

We call it versatile because you can use it in your home for your child or elder member to reach on height place. Likewise, also take it with you to a picnic or garden to sit on it. Since you can fold the stool very easily so no worry for the move this from one place to another.

The full product dimension is 21 x 2 x 16 inches whereas the height is measured as 16 inches long.

Now at the point of the material, it is made of plastic and the weight is 3.16 pounds. While lightweight but can bear 300IBS weight so you, your family member all aged people can sit or stand on it with no problem.

Moreover for safety, it is designed in four-round corner schemes and having an anti-skid foot pad for stability.

Summary: Actually, we have included this stool for those who want stool for both elders and children. Even, high height model with a high weight capacity.


  • Available in multiple colors
  • Versatile used option
  • Can carry 300IBS weight
  • 16-inch height
  • For all aged people
  • Folding design


  • Not for children under 18 month

Buying Guide-A user perspective

We have already introduced you to the 10 best toddler step stools that are now available in the market.  In spite of that, we find the necessity of a buying guide. Since we want to cover all the information for kid’s step stools so this included buying guide will help you if you got confused and cant able consider the right one. Besides, give you knowledge about the stools buying considerable factor. So let’s get a start.

Why you need stools?

The first considerable factor is a question to yourself that why you actually need toddler stools. Do you want to train your baby for potty? Or you just need a stool to help your kid to reach on few inches up than their size. Or you need a stool to teach your kids about new activities!

Very first decide why you need stools. Then the other thing becomes easy in your way of selecting the finest stool for your kids


After you have decided the reason behind your need for toddler step stools then the second important thing is the stool’s design. Yes if you need a stool for your baby potty train then you should go for easy carry one step stools. Likewise, if you want a stool for your child to reach on the kitchen counter, sink or other that type of place.

In this case, you can go for one step and 2 step stools according to your toddler-aged. Apart from step count, you should have to check the stool’s color, size, and storage space before your purchase.

Stability and safety assurance 

The next is the most important thing to consider when you especially want to buy a stool for your baby. You have to check out the stools has enough stability and security option or not. You can identify the stool’s stability by its non-slip top and bottom build-up.

Therefore you can also check is it safe to use in a wet place. If you got needed information regarding safety and stability then you can go for your final approach.

Weight and load capacity

Now after stability and design you have to check the stool’s weight and at the same time its load capacity. You should have chosen stools for your kid that are lightweight and can bear enough weight. Although baby stools 50IBS weigh capacity is fine for use.

But it is wise you check this before your final decision. Moreover, if the product weight is high then it will difficult for you and your baby to move it from one place to another.


This point is optional because if you want to use the stool only in your house then you don’t need to consider the model has portability or not. But if you want to carry it with you for any outdoor activities then you have to go for folding, lightweight, and portable stools.

Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Kids Step Stool

  • What main materials are used in toddler step stools?

Answer: Maximum kid’s stools are made of sturdy plastic material but many are available in wood also. Generally traditional and most popular stools are now made of whether plastic or wood material.

  • What are the features to look for a perfect toddler stool?

Answer: Since you need the stools for your baby so you have to check their color, design, weight, stability and of course its size. These are the most important feature to look for in toddler stools.

  • What is the difference between classic step stools and toddler step stools?

Answer: Well, the main difference between the two types of stools is their size and functionality. Besides, both are used for different reasons. If you want a more clear view you can check our finest collection of step stools and you will come to know the main difference.

Final verdict

In the end, there are a lot of stools are now available in the mart that has a great feature, quality, price and design. Out of those 100 options, we have here presented the 10 best toddler step stools that are great in this category.

Hopefully, our top list and additional information help you find out your needed stools for your loving baby. Since our included models are great in quality, feature, and functionality so you never feel regret if you choose from our mention categories!