How to Replace Rope on Extension Ladder

The function of the extension ladder is to use the staircase at an adjustable length. That is, it has two sections that act as brackets. An extension ladder can supply extra load.

With an extension ladder, you can slide two equally sized ladders relative to each other and change the height. When you are fixing the ladder, you will see a rope attached with an extension ladder.

It is true that when you use the extension ladder for a long time and do a lot of heavy work, the rope will break. So it is important to replace the rope.  Here, I will discuss how to replace rope on the extension ladder in an easy way.

What size rope for extension ladder

When you come to know how to replace rope on an extension ladder, you will also see the size of the rope for an extension ladder.

The standard rope size is three by eight inches on most extension ladder rope models. But all extensions ladder rope standard size is 1/2 inches manila rope, and the ladder height is forty feet.  So how to replace the rope on an extension ladder? I will make a clear answer in my blog.

How to fix rope on extension ladder

Prolonged use of ropes can damage the rope. And which could be the cause of any subsequent accidents. So you need a replacement rope for your extensions ladder. How to put new rope on extension ladder, I will show you.

Step 1- Set ladder

When you have a question about how to replace rope on extension ladder. Then you have to repair your ladder. If you are ready to repair the ladder, first fix the ladder, then set your ladder on one side.

Step 2-  Remove the old rope.

By pulling the free end through the pulley to remove the old rope. Now unloop the cord from the ladder rungs.

Step 3- Use rope

If you have a wood ladder then use a pre looped ladder rope to loop the new rope at the ladder rung.  Make sure that your rope thimble protects your loop.

Step 4-  Pass the rope

Now it is time to pass the rope with the help of a pulley. Down another side of the ladder. And make sure you do not pass your rope behind the rung lock and it is free from knots.

Step 5-  Set the ladder

Now you should wrap duct tape to protect the broken rungs and fraying rope. Now set up the ladder against your wall.  Ok, now it is clear how to put rope on extension ladder.

How to replace the rope on a bailey extension ladder

We show you how to replace pull rope on the extension ladder. Now we will discuss bailey extension ladder rope replacement instructions.

  • If you choose a longer ladder or large extension ladder you need a nylon rope.  Tie your extension ladder end first so that you can grab the rope.  And wrap it in between two locks. Here you can choose the Werner extension ladder which is 4 feet rope.
  • You have to take the desired height ladder and cap your rope on both sides and tie the rope.
  • Hooked your rope at the bottom at the correct angleIf you loose joints, the rope will not hook with your movable ladder.
  • Now lope the rope between type ii extension ladder like a rail line. And do it till the ladder base sectionAnd tie the rope with Polly. You can select fiberglass ladders or aluminum ladder.
  • If you replace a rope on a ladder, check that the ladder feet properly and check safety things.
  • Fixed ladder foot or fly section because a non self supported ladders can create abrasion. In this way, you see how to re-rope an extension ladder? I think it is easy for you to know how to re rope a bailey extension ladder. In the same way, you can replace the extension ladder rope.


What kind of rope is used for extensions ladders?

Answer:  Nylon rope is the best for ladder extensions. But here I will explain a little bit about some rope that is best for extensions. Like-

  • Werner ladder replacement rope: With high-quality material and perfect for long uses.
  • The fire escape rope ladder has four different sizes with attractive designs. It has an ultra-strong rope and is made of premium material.
  • Werner replacement rope with a pulley kit that has aluminum fiberglass ladders. It has the capability to resist abrasion.
  • Werner AC30 has two sets of four extension ladders that protect you from fire.

How do you fixed an extensions ladder?

Answer: To fix your extension ladder you may use polypropylene or something similar. To extend your ladder, you have to lay your ladder on the ground.  After that, raise the top of the ladder head and walk with it upright over your hand. Grab a rung when the ladder is at the vertical point. Now slightly lift the ladder and walk with its base. The extension ladder has two side rails with several rungs. Attach your ladder in horizontal positions.

How do you take apart an extensions ladder?

Answer:  You can separate an extension ladder. You should remove the joint and can use the fly section separately.  But before your extension ladder is apart you have to take a look at a single section ladder that is safety feet. If you work with the step ladder you do not need any supporting wall. And another is if you want to set up your ladder on the roof you can hook the ladder to provide the ultimate grip.

Final Word

How to replace rope on extension ladder is now clear to you. So do not try to use extensions ladders apart. Above, we discuss the way to fix your extensions ladder rope.

When your rope is broken then it is time to replace another new rope for your ladder. Always choose nylon or something similar to make your ladder strong.

The extension ladder gives you the safety step to complete your task at a low height. So it is not right to use fly sections as an individual’s ladder. To protect yourself from accidents you should install a strong rope for your ladder.

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