10 Best Extension Ladder For Home And Construction Job

Best Extension Ladder

Do you want a professional or home use best extension ladder that allows you to increase or decrease the ladder height according to your necessary? If your answer is yes then no doubt, you come to the right place.

Yes, an extension ladder has the ability to customize the ladder height as per the user's need. Although all extension ladders have this fantastic feature in spite of that one question are still remains there.

Got confused? Well let us clear the matter since the extension ladder has come in a verity of feature, quality and price so get the ideal extension ladder out of abundant option is quite a challenging and time-consuming task.

So why we are here! To make your job easy and help you in your way of searching the excellent piece of ladder for you. We have made a list of 10 finest extension ladder catalogs.

Let’s get this going and scroll down below!

10 Best Extension Ladder for 2020 Review, Analysis

You might wonder why we called our list the best extension ladder catalog. The reason behind, we have compared 52 models, consider consumer positive negative review and analyzed multiple resources to give you the original information.

Besides, we arranged this list from expensive to inexpensive model so that every people can get as per their budget or desire. Moreover at the last section added additional information that will help evens the new to select the perfect match for them.

Now go ahead to see our first picks!

1. Louisville Ladder FE3224 Fiberglass Extension Ladder

Key Measurements:

  • Height: 24 Feet
  • Ladder Weight: 51 Pounds 
  • Material: Fiberglass
  • Capacity:300 Pounds

We started the extend ladder reviews from the leading brands namely Louisville’s model which surname is FE3224. This is one of the best extension ladders from this reputed brand that we have caught from their FE3200 series.

Speaking of the details, the manufacture designs the model in ANSI type IA along with an eye-catching outlook and different sizes. Here we have picked the 24-foot ladder but you are free to take any size as you need most.

Louisville Ladder FE3224 Fiberglass Extension Ladder

 The full product dimension is 8 x 19 x 148 inches and the weight is not so light 51 pounds. Whereas the ladder height is 12 ft and extended height is 21 ft.

Moving to the material, it is made in a non-conductive fiberglass body and the shoe is constructed in heavy-duty plated steel with a metal shield. All this material keeps it safe, for use in any electrical, residential, light construction and even for utility jobs.

Now for stability and safety, the ladder is having mar-resistance rail with end caps and slip-resistant surface. Besides, for maintaining stability on any ground the shoe is further cover with thick rubber treads. Likewise, the D-shape rung is again ensuring stability for normal to heavy-duty jobs.

Quick latch system
Extension Ladder safety shoe
D-shape rungs

In case of adjusting the height and secure it, the manufacturer features it in a quick latches lock system and included rope for tying off the ladder in place.

Similar to the other outstanding feature the ladder can bear 300 pounds weight. So undoubtedly can be used for residential or construction work.

In the bottom line, it is one of the best fiberglass extension ladders on our top categories. It is having all need features which extension ladder should have. Apparently expensive in price so if you are in a tight budget then you have to look for other models. 
  • Meet the safety stander of ANSI
  • Available  in multiple size option
  • Non-conductive fiberglass material
  • Very easy to set up
  • Equipment with rope and pulley
  • Comes with swivel safety shoes
  • Quick-lock up system
  • D shape rungs
  • Ideal for all type of job
  • Expensive compare to other extension ladders
  • Bit weighty

Key Measurements:

  • Height: 20Feet
  • Ladder Weight: 40 Pounds 
  • Material: Fiberglass
  • Capacity:300 Pounds

 In the second number position, we have placed the Warner brand's extension ladder knows as Werner D6220-2.  Warner Company has stand amid the crowd since 60 years now. Consequently their extension ladder is one of their best creations that capable enough to make 2nd place in top categories.

With side, the design of this particular model is somehow similar to the Louisville Ladder FE3224. Since both have type IA duty rating D shape rungs and structure in numerous sizes and attractive features.

Werner D6220-2 Extension-ladders

However, we have been here the 20-foot extension ladder which overall dimension is 7 x 19.5 x 126 inches. And weight is low 40 pounds compare to Louisville FE3224. 

It is built up with non-conductive fiberglass material along with the 300 pounds weight-bearing capacity. The fiberglass allows a user to use it near electricity that’s mean can be used for both construction and home use.

At the point of safety and stability, the manufacturer included slip-resistance traction Tred-D- rungs, Shu-lok slip resistance pad and spur plate and mar-resistance molded end caps. All these setting does not only provide security rather gives the ladder long-lasting durability.

smooth-operating pulley
smooth-operating pulley
action feet

In addition, feature with heavy-duty action feet for use it on the hard or penetrable surface and ALFLO rung- to -rail to add convince while climbing. Moreover, for easy setup feature with heavy-duty rope and Pulley that helps you to tie the rope to the rungs.

Well, the most interesting feature of this model is you can fully separate the base and fly section. Yes, you can do that and can be used the base section as a single ladder.

Both Louisville FE3224 and Werner D6220-2 have many similarities and can be used for all types of jobs. Actually we want to say, if you want Louisville like extension ladder with some less price tag then no other ladder can compare with this Warner model.
  • Available from 16 feet to 32 feet height
  • Import from Mexico
  • Rugged loaded spring lock
  • Slip-resistance rungs and shoe
  • Heavy-duty rating
  • Comes with rope and Pulley feature
  • Easy hassle free installing process
  • The base can be used separately
  • Reasonable in price
  • Not ideal for commercial use

Key Measurements:

  • Height: 22 Feet
  • Ladder Weight: 39.5 Pounds 
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Capacity:300 Pounds
Little Giant 22-Foot Velocity Multi-Use Ladder

After introducing two high demanded extending ladder, in the third number position we have a unique piece for you. Well, the next we presented a ladder that is not only an extension ladder rather the mixer of almost all sort of ladder you might need.

Eventually, it comes from the reputed and famous brands little giant and the model is known as velocity 22 multi used ladder. It is exclusively design in a pattern that allow user to customize the ladder size/height as per their need.

The overall dimension of our mention model is 8 x 27 x 67 inches and weigh is much light 39.5 pounds.

A user can easily convert this 22-foot ladder into a 19 feet extension ladder if they need so. Besides can adjust the height and make it a staircase ladder, A-frame step ladder, 90-degree ladder, and even a Scaffolding ladder.

All these settings can be done within a minute by using the advance lock system. Yes, a user just has to follow 3 steps- push, adjust and lastly tap to complete the adjustment without any difficulties.

Extension ladder layout
Little Giant 22-Foot Velocity Multi-Use Ladder
Staircase pattern

Apart from these unique facts, the building material of the ladder is also super. The manufacturer used aerospace-grade aluminum. Although the material is high-quality and keeps the device lightweight but a user must need to take precautions when used it around electricity.

Looking forward to the ladder safety system and stability you again fall in love with the model. The ladder is built in wide-flared legs along with hinges and palm systems to provide comfort and security at same time.

However it is certified by the OSHA and ANSI so no need to worry about safety and security at all.

Well, this is the best multi-use ladder in our top list for those who are searching all in one ladder. Apparently it is not exactly an extension ladder but of course, can be used as extending ladder and other types.
  • Six verity ladder height and position
  • Available from 13 feet to 26 feet size
  • Very easy setup
  • Maintain ANSI and OSHA stander
  • Comes with wheels
  • Non-professional and professional used
  • Non-slip surface and feet
  • Need two-person to carry

Key Measurements:

  • Height: 16 Feet
  • Ladder Weight: 30 Pounds 
  • Material: Aluminum and Steel
  • Capacity:300 Pounds

We again back with another Louisville extension ladder namely Louisville AE2216 ladder. We can’t resist ourselves to put once more Louisville model since they are the top brands in this category. Therefore the particular model has a few distinctive features and characteristics than the previous one.

It is beautifully designed in aluminum color along with 16 feet to 40 feet layout. Although we have taken 16 feet that are regard a stranded size for maximum kind of jobs. Despite the fact, if you want long height then you can go for the 20 feet, 24 feet, 32 feet even for 40 feet height.

Louisville Ladder AE2216 Extension Ladder

The full product dimension of our selected model is 105 x 18.5 x 6 inches and weigh is very light 30 pounds. 

Whereas Louisville FE3224 is made in fiberglass material but Louisville AE2216 is made of aluminum body and steel shoe. Both the material keeps the ladder lightweight and made it ideal for light construction or residential jobs.

The only issue is made of conductive aluminum so you need to take precautions when using around electricity.

Behind the fact, the manufacturer builds it with D-shape rungs and feature it is slip-resistance material. Besides the mar resistance rail, heavy-duty plated steel shoe gives it excellent stability and traction on any surface.

Swivel safety shoes
Quick latch
lock pattern

Plus comes with a quick latch system to lock the rungs easily and swivel safety shoes for an uneven surface. Overall the entire safety requirement set by ANSI and OSHA so no tension about safety.

If you are a fan of Louisville brands and want to get one of the best extension ladders for heavy-duty residential or constructed work. Then this one might meet your desire.
  • Slip resistance surface and rail
  • Swivel shoe can fit an uneven surface
  • Heavy-duty ladder
  • Meet the ANSI and OSHA requirements
  • D-shape rungs provide comfort
  • An exclusive quick latch system
  • Not ideal for electrical place use
Luisladders Folding Ladder Multi-Purpose

Key Measurements:

  • Height: 12.5 Feet
  • Ladder Weight: 23.4 Pounds 
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Capacity:330 Pounds

In the 5th number position, we have come with a folding extension ladder from the brand's LUISLADDERS. While Louisville and LUISLADDERS somehow sound like the same but don’t be confused both are different brands and different models.

Speaking of this particular model, it is again a multipurpose ladder-like little giant velocity. The ladder is designed in a way that meets your need for every type of ladder. It can be shaped into 7 different height and position including step ladder, extension ladder, leaning ladder, Straight ladder and so on.

Our selected one is 12.5 feet height but they have more tWo height option available. The full product dimension of our mention model is 40.75 x 14.37 x 11.22)" / (103.5 x 36.5 x 28.5) cm (L x W x H).

Moving to the material details, it is used heavy-duty aircraft-grade aluminum for body rungs and rail. Likewise, the shoe is made of anti-slip rubber angled feet for stability and security. In addition, it is having zigzag anti-slip feet that prevents the ladder from sliding on any surface.

Therefore for changing the ladder shape effortlessly connected by six secure locks that it easily locks and opens for changing the ladder height and size.

The ladder step quantity in 12 steps and can bear 330ibs weight that made it perfect for a project like painting, decorating, DIY, Access roof and so on.

Six secure lock
wide step
rubber shoe

Lastly, this 12.5 feet Multi-Purpose or small extension ladder meets the stander of EN131 so you don’t need to worry about its quality and capability.

In the summer we can say it is the best lightweight extension ladder and offers verity features and functions. Moreover, it is one of the most inexpensive ladders on our list so why not make a try? 
  • Slip-resistance design
  • Heavy-duty
  • Meet the stander of EN131
  • Versatile use option
  • Easy to operate with
  • Inexpensive
  • High-quality aluminum construction
  • Very easy to storage
  • Perfect for home use
  • Not ideal for construction jobs
  • Steps are narrow compare to other models

Key Measurements:

  • Height: 28 Feet
  • Ladder Weight: 60 Pounds 
  • Material: Steel
  • Capacity:300 Pounds

We again and again back with Louisville brands since they made many magnificent categories extension ladder no doubt. Consequently, the 6th number model is Louisville 28 foot extension ladder that is exclusively designed in new patterns and features.

Louisville Ladder 28-Foot Fiberglass Extension Ladder

Specifically saying, this ladder is designed in a type 1A extension ladder along with a unique V shape tool and accessories holder. It appears in 28 feet layout and best fit for height place jobs like poles or corners.

The full product dimension of 28 feet extension ladder is 173 x 16.8 x 5.8 inches and weight is 60 pounds means a bit heavy compare to others in our list.

For quality maintain the manufacturer used non-conductive fiberglass for full body. Therefore adds non-marrying rubber tread and heavy-duty swivel el safety shoe for enough traction on any ground and safety.

The most interesting thing to notice about this extension ladder is its included accessories tool tray (magnate tray, hardware tray, drill and tool slot, and pipe or 2x4 holders).  It adds extra convenience when you used this for construction, electrical, utility and even for residential jobs to carry your needed tool with you.

Further shared, it is built-in D-shape rungs and fabricated in rope and pulley process for easy assemble and comfortable climb up.

Accessories tool tray
rope and pulley
V shape pro top

Moreover, can bear 300-pound load and design in the wide pro top for proving 100%more contact area on flat landing surfaces. Once more, Meets OSHA, CSA, & ANSI Standards so clearly safe and quality product.

This would be a great choice if you want a long height extension ladder for working on electrical, utility, light construction and residential jobs. The model is a bit pricy still it worth the price tag.
  • Provide super stability in poles and corners
  • Included accessories tool tray
  • Structure in a pro top wider design
  • Offer excellent stability and safety
  • Available in multiple heights
  • Considerable for all height place
  • Meets OSHA, CSA, & ANSI Standards
  • Expensive
  • Much Weighty ( need another person help to carry out)

Key Measurements:

  • Height: 12.5 Feet
  • Ladder Weight: 24.7 Pounds 
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Capacity:330 Pounds
WolfWise Aluminum Telescopic Extension Multi-Purpose Ladder

The next number model is not exactly an extension ladder rather it’s well recognized as the telescoping extension ladder. This is one of the best multi-position ladders that allow a user to customize their own position according to their need.

At this point, the device is beautifully designed in a small Smart close system along with compact storage layout. The fully expanded height of this telescoping extension ladder is 12.5 feet and it takes only 5 to 10 seconds to open thoroughly.

The overall product dimension is 34.6 x 18.5 x 1.9 inches and weight is only 24.7 pounds means very convenient.

Meanwhile, you might wonder how you will understand your expanding part is lock or not. Well, the manufacturer included red and green color indication in the lock system so that you can find out when the expanding part is lock and when unlock.

In addition, for extra safety, it is equipped with the strengthened footboard, shatter-resistance, grip-handle, and anti-slip bottom cap. All these setup keep the ladder stable in place and maintain safety and security.

Forwarding to the material, the ladder is build up in aerospace engineered 6061 aluminum alloy with a Clean-Touch anodized finish. Whereas the material keeps the ladder lightweight but gives enough strength to bear 330 pounds load capacity.

Red and green color indicator
anti-slip bottom

However, the folded size of the device is only 35 inches that allow the user to carry it for outdoor work. Likewise require very small space to conceal in your attic space, kitchen cabinet and any other place.

In the bottom line, since it is a multi-position ladder so you can use this for both indoor and outdoor jobs. Whether you want to change a bulb or cleaning gutter in every situation the ladder would be your finest assistance. 
  • Comes with carrying handle
  • For both indoor and outdoor use
  • Reasonable price
  • Lightweight to carry and transport
  • Multi-positional structure
  • Load capacity is high
  • Red and green color lock system indicator
  • Take only 5 to 10 second to fully open
  • Few complain it is not steady enough( be careful)

Key Measurements:

  • Height: 24 Feet
  • Ladder Weight: 35 Pounds 
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Capacity:225 Pounds

We again back with another best extension ladder from Werner brands and the model surname is D1224-2. It is the 24 feet ladder that is full of outstanding features and functions.

Werner D1224-2 Extension-ladders

In order to fill our top list with different height ladder, we have included 24 feet height but they have 16 feet to 40 feet option available. This model is designed in ANSI type ll for light to medium duty work. The working length of this particular model is 21 feet.

The full product dimension is 144 x 17 x 6 inch which is coated in silver color finish and weighs is mild 35 pounds.

In the case of material, it is made of aluminum component and the D-shape rung is cover with slip-resistance material. Besides comes with mar-resistance end caps like other Werner ladder so no doubt it has quality.

Now for safety matters, the ladder will be again won your heart. Yes, it has interlocking side rail, ALFLO rung joint to prevent the ladder from twisting while in use. Plus, it included duel action Shu-Lok(r), smooth operating pulley system and so on.

Traction tred d rungs
Shu-Lok-slip-resistance feet

So you might already get all these included features to keep the ladder stable in place and secure in use. Only one issue, you must consider that it is aluminum constructed and can bear only 225 pounds weight. So you can’t use it in the electrical area and for heavy-duty work.

In short, it is one of the best extension ladder for home use and ideal for home repair to light-duty work. If you need only home use an extension ladder to cleaning gutter, changing bulbs or cleaning windows then this model might meet your test.
  • Very lightweight
  • Ideal for small to medium jobs
  • Advance Shu-Lok technology
  • Latest ALFLO rung joints
  • Non-slip bottom and surface
  • Spring-loaded lock feature
  • Not ideal for heavy-duty work
  • The locking system is not so smooth to operate with

Key Measurements:

  • Height: 16 Feet
  • Ladder Weight: 31 Pounds 
  • Material: Fiberglass
  • Capacity:300 Pounds
DeWalt DXL3020-16PT 16-Feet Fiberglass Extension Ladder

The next number model is 16 feet extension ladder from popular brands DeWalt. The brands gain huge privilege for making world-class distinctive types, function and features ladder for every kind of work. More or less both Louisville L-3022-28PT and DeWalt DXL3020-16PT have few similar let now discover their differences.

Accordingly, this selected model is structured in type a 1A outline that fits it for industrial to home jobs. This is the first similarities between Louisville L-3022-28PT and DeWalt DXL3020-16PT. On the contrary, this ladder has available from 16 feet to 40 feet height whereas Louisville only available from 24 feet to 40 feet.

The overall product dimension of our mention model is 103 x 19 x 7 inches and weight is 31 pounds.

The material of the ladder, on the other hand, is fiberglass and having a non-marrying rubber side with pro top tool slots. Therefore the device has heavy-duty swivel aluminum/steel shoes, slip-resistance and quick latch nylon rope for strength, stability, and durability.

The most convenient feature of this extension ladder is its included V shape handy top. No doubt this innovative feature add productive working surface for all type of user for multi sort of jobs. By the way, the top included a hardware tray, drill and tool slots, and a non-marring rubber side to prevent scratches on the working surface.

Pro accessories tool tray
Quick latch
v shape top

Moving to weight-bearing capacity, it can carry a 300-pound weight that makes it ideal for heavy-duty to medium duty work.

Since it is made of nonconductive fiberglass material so without any hesitate you can use this around electrical, utility, heavy construction, as well as a residential area.

When you are not happy with the Louisville L-3022-28PT model and want a similar type of model from other brands.  Then check this one full detail because it might meet your needs. 
  • Ideal 16 feet ladder
  • Both for residential and construction area
  • 300 pounds of heavy weight capacity
  • Included rung lock with quick latch system
  • Innovative handy top
  • swivel aluminum/steel shoes
  • packed with rope and pulley
  • Expensive price tag

Key Measurements:

  • Height: 20 Feet
  • Ladder Weight: 36 Pounds 
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Capacity:300 Pounds

We conclude our best extension ladder review with Werner D1520-2 Ladder. Although we have placed this on the last number but don’t think it is less in quality. It has the finest feature similar to our other 9 models and offers fantastic quality.

Werner D1520-2 Ladder

Consequently, the ladder is designed in ANSI Type IA pattern and rail Type I-Beam for light to heavy-duty work. Here we have taken the 20 feet ladder to represent but they have 10 feet to 40 feet height available so you can as per your need.

The product full dimension is 122 x 18 x 6 inches and weight is 36 pounds that can be carried and transport easily. 

At the point of the material, the manufacturer used industrial quality aluminum. The material not only gives the ladder enough strength to hold 300 pounds weight rather also keeps the device light to carry and shift from one place to another.

If safety and security are your concern then let us tell you. This extension ladder is built-in Dual Action Shu-Lok(r) shoe along with mar-resistance end caps. Moreover, Traction-Tred D rungs and exclusive Alflo rung joint connection for twist-proof performance maintain enough stability and safety.

Lastly for easy separation the base and flying part rope is held in place with the quick clip that reject loose ends knots and tangles. All these mechanism maintain traction, give super functionally and provide security as well.

If you are looking for an average type of extension ladder without any special feature then check this one. 
  • Load capacity is high
  • Advance Alflo rung joint
  • Imported from Mexico
  • Available in multiple heights
  • Expensive
  • Cant user around electricity

Extension Ladder vs. Step Ladder Which one you need?

In the terms of an extension ladder definition, you already get, an extension ladder is a straight ladder that needs support to stand on its feet. Generally used for construction sites but often home owner buys this for cleaning the gutter, cleaning the ceiling, cleaning windows, painting project and so on.

The extension ladder has mainly carried two parts known as the flying section and base section. By the way, the thing you must need to know the extension ladder safety knowledge before you actually attempt to use it.

Step ladder, on the other hand, is a self-support ladder and basically appeared an A shape structure. It carries many parts and mainly used for home works. Despite the fact, there are different sizes and priced step ladder available for distinctive types of jobs including professional and non-professional work.

Both the extension ladder and step ladder have their own definition and working place and it entirely your choice which one you actually need.

since here we have written down the entire information of an extension ladder, now let’s find out, how many classes extension ladder available in the mart at the present time.

Extension ladder duty rating or classes

We find people often got confused about the extension ladder duty rating which is also known as ladder classes. So in order to clear your confusion, we note down the ladder-type along with their duty rating. Let’s have a look.

Type I- Industrial ladder

The ladder those are designed in Type-I mainly a heavy-duty industrial ladder and can bear up to 250 pounds weight.

Type II- Commercial ladder

As for the Type-II, it is designed for medium-duty jobs and can hold up to 225 pounds weight.

Type III- Household ladder

The next kind of ladder is Type-III and best for household jobs. However, this sort of ladder can hold up to 200 pounds of weight.

Type IA- Industrial

Another industrial pattern ladder is Type-IA that is design for extra heavy-duty work. It can bear up to 300 pounds of weight.

Type IAA- Rugged

The last number is Type-IAA pattern and special duty rating ladder. This type of ladder can hold up to 375 pounds of weight.

Extension ladder additional accessories name and list

There are mainly three extension ladder accessories available those are frequently need for extreme safety, security and above all stability.

  • Stabilizer
  • Ladder levelers/extra leg
  • Ladder mitts/cap


Stabilizer is a small to large U shape bar that mainly attaches to the extension ladder upper portion to keep it stable on the place. It is most need when you cleaning the window, painting the wall, doing any exterior repair or cleaning the gutter and so on.


Ladder levelers/extra leg

Ladder levelers also know as ladder additional leg. It is mainly user in a ladder when you place it on any uneven or slippery surface. On those circumstances, the ladder levelers or leg give your device extra protection and prevent it from fall down and help it to stand on place.

Ladder levelers leg

Ladder mitts/cap

Ladder mitts can also be recognized as ladder cap. Generally it is used in the extension ladder flying part when you leaning it against wall, gutter, window and that sort of place. It is obvious ladder mitts or cap are user for prevent scratch and mark in order to keep the place damage free.

Ladder mitts cap

Extension Ladder Buying Guide-A user perspective

From the above discussion you already get the best extension ladder list, their function and feature. So you might think now you are ready to pick your desire model right? But wait here because there are few things still remain those you have to know before your final decision.

Go ahead for details!

Extension ladder size or height

Height or size is the foremost considerable factor you must have to think about before you buy an extension ladder. Firstly you need to know for which reason you need an extension ladder. Mostly you have to buy 2 or 3 steps taller than your need height.

Besides the size measurement is necessary because you can’t fully fold an extension ladder like a step ladder or step stool. So you must have to think about the ladder storage place. If you buy big size ladder then you need big space as well to storage the ladder properly.

So think twice before final the ladder size or height.

Extension ladder






9’ max



9’ to 13’



13’ to 17’



17’ to 21’



21’ to 25’



25’ to 28’



28’ to 31’

Load capacity

The next thing you have to consider before your purchase an extension ladder is its weight or load-bearing capacity. If you need the ladder for household or commercial user then 200 to 225 pounds capacity is enough.

Therefore, if you need a ladder for professional use and for an industrial job then you should go for 250 to 375 pounds weight capacity.

Moro or less your job type actually determines which load capacity ladder you actually need. So before layout for shopping, estimated the load capacity is a necessary fact to consider.


The third number of considerable factor is the ladder material. An extension ladder mainly made of few materials like aluminum, fiberglass, steel and aluminum alloy.

Among them, aluminum is expensive but keeps the ladder lightweight for easy transport or carry. But the maximum aluminum ladder doesn’t allow working around electricity because aluminum is conductive with electricity.

Fiberglass ladder, on the other hand, is heavier comparatively aluminum. Apparently to transport or carry a fiberglass ladder you might need an additional person help. But fiberglass is a non-conductive material and allow user to use around electricity and whatever they want.

So before you make your final decision, make sure at what type of place you will usually use the ladder then go for material choice.

Safety and security

This is the most curial thing you have to check before buying an extension ladder. For doing so you have to look for a few features. Check carefully, is the ladder is having D-shape rungs, mar-resistance end caps, slip-resistance rail/bottom and surface.

If the ladder has featured with all this quality then the extension ladder is safe in user and secure for maximum jobs. Since this sort of ladder provides enough stability.

Besides, you can also check is it certified by ANSI or OSHA. This also declares the ladder maintain all safety stander.

Extra feature

This is an optional considerable factor. If you want a ladder for construction, painting or DIY project then you can check, is the ladder offers any extra feature or not.

Among this extra feature, the included pro top with tool tray will be very helpful for the mentioned type of project.

Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Best Extension Ladder

  • How can I safely use an extension ladder?

Answer:  For safe use of an extension ladder, you can use a stabilizer, ladder levelers and ladder cap. Besides for more information can check our extension ladder safety guideline here.

  • Is it possible to separate the base and flying part of an extension ladder completely?

Answer:  Well, not all extension ladders allow this facility. But yes there are few models who allow you to separate the base and flying part completely. Therefore allow you to use the base portion as a single ladder.

  • Does the extension ladder have any expiry date?

Answer:  The answer is no, the maximum ladder including extension ladder does not have any expiry date. As long as you treat it well the ladder will run until it got damaged or broken.

  • Can I repair a damage ladder and is it then safe for use?

Answer:   If your ladder got damage then yes you can absolutely repair it through your manufacturer. But be careful not to take risks repairing it by you without any adequate knowledge.  After your manufacturer ensures your ladder is now ok to use then it is safe to use, don’t worry.

  • What are the brands make the best extension ladder?

Answer:   Our mention maximum brands made the finest piece of extension ladder no doubt. In spite of that some noteworthy names are- Louisville, Werner, Little Giant, DeWalt and so on.

Final verdict

On the above, we have described the 10 best extension ladder reviews with both of their advantage and disadvantage. Besides, according to our promise is given details information reading the topic that actually matters in case of extension ladder safety and buying purpose. Now, it’s your turn to select your needed extension ladder for your first or next buy. Best wishes to you!

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