13 Different Types of Ladder Name and Their Function

Whenever we think about home use most needed equipment, we never forget the name of the ladder. Since the ladder is a big part of almost every home whether it uses for a climb on highest place or for cleaning purpose. However, it is not possible to explain the use of the ladder in just two words as it is much bigger than that.

But it’s possible to acknowledge you with different types of ladder name and their function. So you can understand the distinctive ladder feature and their working field.  With said, today we will discuss diverse types of ladders with pictures in order to give to a proper image.

With a couple of other things we have included every ladder appropriate definition, give you price idea and maintenance technique at the last part of our discussion.

Now scroll down to get the abundant knowledge!

1. Step ladders

We made the type of ladder list in the priory based, means the ladder that is frequently used by the user. In case, the first place has taken by step ladder which is one of the maxes used ladder around the world. Yes, it is a rigid construction ladder that is similar to the English word A when it has fully opened.

This sort of ladder does not require any support for standing upon their feet means self-supported device. It is mainly used inside of a home for cleaning the ceiling, picking up thing from height place or for adjusting curtain and that sort of work. The ladder will allow you to climb on it simultaneously with any fear of fall down.

However, step ladder comes in verity in design including small, twin, and stool. In the depending on size and design the price may vary from one to another. The price range of the ladder is starting from 100$ and end in 1000$.

Although the price may high or low and here we have included the best-estimated price range.


2. Extension ladders

Next to the step ladder in the second position there comes the number of an extension ladder. An extension ladder is another popular ladder that is often used for work of distinctive height. For example job like- painting, house repairing, climbing on the roof and many more.

At the point of definition, this is a straight ladder that needs wall, tree or other that type support for standing on its feet. Means it is not a self-supported like a step ladder. The extension ladder bears two parts whereas the main part is called based and other is known as the flying part.

Well, the function of the ladder is very interesting as it can take you to the height place beyond your imagination. Yes, a user just needs to place the base part of the ladder on the ground firmly. Then according to their need have to adjust the flying part in order to reach their selected place.

Although at first sight, the ladder may seem small in size but when you spread it you will know the real size. Similar to the step ladder the user can collect an extension ladder from 90$ to 1000$ or more and less as per their budget.


3. Attic ladders

In the third number position, we have introduced you with an attic ladder which is also known as a loft ladder. An attic ladder is entirely designed for the ceiling which is mainly situated of the floor beneath your attic.

It is a single pattern ladder that needs to install before starting use. It is a type of ladder that is also getting fame as the alternative staircase. As it allow a user to install into the attic place and save the money of building an extra staircase.

Likewise, maximum attic ladder function with a folding pattern that helps the user to conceal it into the attic and pull it as when they need. 

Note the word, that you can’t use an attic ladder just out from the box as like most of the ladder offers. Since before starting use a user needs to install it into attic access doors.


4. Telescoping Ladders

A telescoping ladder is the name of one of the most popular ladders in today’s mart. Similar to the extension ladder telescoping ladder also offers a user to adjust the height according to their need. Well, don’t get confused with the function, it is a straight ladder that can easily slide out and in for adjusting the size.

However, unlike the extension and other ladders, a telescoping ladder can conceal or store in a very small place. Yes, it is very handy and compact in appearance that comes in handbag or ladder bag.

Although look small but when you spread the ladder it can lead you to the height place like wall, window, roof and etc. Besides, allow a user to carry with them in travel time if they want to.

For ensuring user safety this ladder including a tab locking indicator and it is coated with a different color. So that a user can easily understand when the tab is lock and when is open.


5. Platform Ladders

Stepped to the next ladder name we have found out platform ladder that is somehow similar to the step ladder. Just like the step ladder A shape the platform ladder also build up in the same way. But the main difference between a step ladder and platform ladder lies in their function.

Generally, a platform ladder manufacturer is an outline of front step ladder along with platform or accessories tray on the top section. This is a ladder used by a person who wants to utilize both hand and feet on the working time.

In fact, unlike many other ladders, it offers great comfort no matter how long you are standing on it. Even more, not require any help for standing on the feet means self-supported ladder.

Platforms ladder is an excellent choice for maintaining tool or additional accessories on the working time. Likewise other five ladders this ladder also comes with a budget-friendly option.


6. Fire Escape Ladders

A fire escape ladder is a specific pattern of a ladder that is basically used to get out from the fire occurring place. It can be used at home, office building or apartment in the place which is separated from the actual exit place.

There are two types of fire escape ladder are available in the mart. Among from them, one is designed in a fixed straight diagram and other is folding type pattern made by strong rope or chain.  Both design fire escape ladder having hooks in order to fix on the wall or install area.

It is thoroughly portable device that is exclusively made to set up outside window or other this type of place in case of emergency.

A starting price of a fire escape ladder is 30$ which end in the price range 500$ or more. The price is entirely depending on the brand, material, and other specific matter.


7. Multipurpose Ladders

After the fire escape ladder, a multipurpose ladder is one more uniquely design ladder. It is an appropriate choice for those who are working as a contractor or a job like that. Like the name the ladder allow a user to modify the ladder structure according to the user need.

Clearing speaking, the ladder allows a user to convert it into stepladder, extension ladder, telescoping ladder, an alternative staircase and few more. A once more special feature that it can be used more than one user at the same time.

Besides it is very strong and absolutely self-supported that help user to reach in much height place.

The multipurpose ladder is a type of ladder for electric work, construction work or that sort of work. It comes at a bit expensive price rather than other normal model.


8. Step Stools

Although the name of a step stool and step ladder is almost the same and there are many similarities between them. But we suggest you don’t get confused between the two ladder name and function.

Whereas a step ladder is big in size and feature, on the other hand, a step tool is small in size and function. It is mainly build up to cover small height like high cupboards, long rack, shelves, cabinet, and a few more places. 

It is a compact size medium that exactly looks like a small ladder. However, this ladder is very easy to storage as maximum step stool comes with a folding mechanism.

Step tools require a small amount of investment since it is much reasonable in price. Anyway, a step tool comes in verity size like 1 step, 2 steps, 3 steps, and maximum 4 step structure.


9. Folding Ladders

Similar to step ladder or step stool a folding ladder is also a self-supported device. People often got confused between the step ladder and a folding ladder.

So let us clear the matter, a folding ladder look like step ladder and help you to reach a much higher place than step tools like a step ladder.

The main difference is a folding ladder can be folded up where a step ladder can’t be folded up.

It is a ladder that can easily store and carry out because of its folding function.


 10. Twin Stepladders

As we have mentioned previously, the step ladder comes in a variety option. And the twin step ladder is one among of those. It has A shape pattern like a step ladder and also a self-supported.

But unlike step ladder, this ladder has footstep or step on both sides of the ladder. Means, a user can climb on the ladder from any side they want.

In fact, it has the ability to bear two user weights at a time that help to work more quickly and easily.

People used twin step ladder for a job which cannot be fulfilling alone and need a helping hand. The twin step ladder is a very versatile option for any work.


11. Orchard Ladders

On the 11 number positions, we have included another unique design ladder that is known as the orchard ladder. We called it unique because the ladder is designed in such a way that loss the size of step and become small in the upper section.

Although it got small in size at the top section but does not means loss strength. Actually, it has been designed in this way for a reason.

It is a special sort of ladder which mainly used for a climb of the tree top for collecting fruit or do trimming of the tree.

This ladder is especially design for the framer or garden owner for maintaining their tree effortlessly.


12. Safety Ladders

By the name of safety you might already get what is the function of a safety ladders right? Well, a safety ladder is similar to the step ladder.

But has feature with all safety equipment like cages, stabilizer, two feet, hand, lavenders, hook, and other accessories.

Safety ladder is often used for long term work or in a risky environment. It has been designed in such a way that prevents falling down and help to reduce injuries.

Safety ladder is not an appropriate choice for home use as it takes a slightly big in size when spread out totally.


13. Rolling Ladders

As per our research, the last number ladder we have got is known as a rolling ladder. This kind of ladder is built in caster and look like a type of small step ladder or step stools.

As it is build up in caster, it allows the user to move the ladder from here to there according to user need.

The specialty of the rolling ladder is it bear bigger platform on the top section rather than the bottom section.  These set up made it stronger, add stability and make it comfortable in use.

Rolling ladder is design to use alternative small staircases for ascending warehouses or place like that.


What is the actual function of a ladder?

Generally, a ladder is a kind of tools or stuff that is build up with footstep or repeated stick amidst two vertical lengths. So that people can climb up and down on height place which he/she can’t do with your normal leg.

Then there might be a question come into mind that why there is so many distinctive type of ladder available in mart right?

Well, the answer is very clear and you might already know the matter. Since, the different ladder is used for a different reason, work, place, and occasion. You can’t paint your home with steps tool or orchard ladder. In case you must need the telescoping or that sort of ladder.

Besides different ladder are made of distinctive material for fulfilling particular action. In a word, although the ladders are verities in design, size or feature but the function of the ladder is almost the same.

Ladder material

Just like ladder different function and feature ladder are made of divers’ material. Although at the ancient age the main material was the ladder is wood or bamboo.

But with the change of age and modernism, ladders are now made from aluminum, fiberglass, wood, steel, rope and few other materials. Distinctive material change ladder weight, size, longevity, and strength from one to another.

Maintenance of a ladder 

  • Try to hang your ladder in rank when you are not using it (Be careful the ladder base is not touching the floor)
  • Always store your ladder in a dry and cool place which is free from extra moisture and hit
  • After your using, try to clean you your ladder every time. In case you can use a soft cloth, water, or mild cleanser if your ladder material allows you to do so( Before cleaning read the product details carefully)
  • Always keep your ladder free from oil, grease, chemical, and other slippery material.
  • Not only ladder but the accessories such as levelers, stabilizer, and other additional stuff need to store in a dry and safe place.

Final words

In the end, you surely come to know how many different types of the ladder are now available in the mart. We hope you now clearly understand what sort of ladder is used for which reason or purpose.  Beside come to know the ladder basic material and maintenance process.

And we again hope from our above mention information you are now able to take a direct decision that which sort of ladder you actually need. And make a fruitful investment, best wishes to you.

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