How to Use a Telescopic Ladder: Are Telescopic Ladders Safe?

Using any type of ladder for maximum people always brings lots of fear and doubt. But at the word of the “telescopic ladder” maximum people’s first question, are telescopic ladders safe?

But why?

Because the design and build-up of this ladder are somehow exceptional than any typical regular ladder.

As a result, despite the telescopic ladder’s lots of outstanding features and functions. It often makes doubt of people’s minds about its safety and using processes.

So, we have decided to pen down all telescoping ladder details. It clear your doubts about the telescoping ladder safety, mechanism, using process, working area, and so on.

Let’s get started with the telescoping ladder definition.

What is a Telescopic or Telescoping Ladder?

To get the answer to whether a telescopic ladder is safe in use, first, you should know what a telescoping ladder is. In other words, the definition of a telescoping ladder.

First of all, a telescoping ladder is featured and designed with modern technology. modern technology. It nearly looks like a classic pattern extension ladder.

However, a telescopic ladder offers users to adjust the ladder height according to user needs. It uses unique and advanced pattern technology to extend the ladder height and fix it in place.

For adjusting the ladder height, extend the ladder to the desired height and then lock by the ladder’s foot.

Besides, it offers huge versatility and portability. For example, it is lightweight, requires little space for storage, quickly fits in the car boot. Moreover, allows easy transport from one place to another without any roof rack and other trouble.

Lastly, the telescopic ladder is not a self-supported ladder like a step ladder. It is a straight pattern ladder and requires a wall, tree, or solid construction to stand on its feet.

Are Telescopic Ladders Safe?

Before getting into the question details, the simple answer is yes, a telescoping ladder is safe in use.

With this positive answer, other facts ensure the telescoping ladder’s overall safety.

Firstly, if the telescoping ladder is made of high quality and strong air-crafted grade aluminum material, it assures its safety greatly. 

The quality air-crafted grade aluminum can hold 200 to up to 375 pounds weight depending on ladder weight capacity.

So, if the telescopic ladder material is ok, then it ensures 1st point safety.

Secondly, a telescoping ladder is safe if it is certified by EN131. To ensure safety assurance, select a telescopic ladder that is rightly certified.

Lastly, for overall safety, you can check the few factors of a telescopic ladder that match the standard of EN131.

  • The rungs of the ladder are 50% larger than any ordinary telescopic ladder.
  • Each rung is featured with a visual lock and release system that indicates when the ladder is safe for climbing up and down.
  • Make sure the locking mechanism is ergonomically designed that provide comfort and easy using facility.
  • Check out the feet of the ladder are molded with high quality and durable rubber to enhance ground contact and keep it slip-resistant. 
  • Ensure the ladder is featured with a new safety closure system that slows the ladder descent and keeps the user’s hand safe from injury.

Bottom line: A telescoping ladder design with numerous moving parts. For example, the locks, the stiles, retracting, etc. For safety assurance along with telescoping ladder quality ensures. A user must follow the ladder usage precaution, get knowledge about its proper use process and maintenance.

Common material and a weight capacity of the telescopic ladder

As per the research result, the telescoping ladder is mainly made in two types of material: aluminum and fiberglass.

Aluminum Material And Its Weight Capacity

Aluminum, aluminum alloy, and T5 aluminum are the most used materials for the telescopic ladder. Because this material is lightweight and has strong components.

Aluminum material makes the ladder lightweight than any other classic ladder. But despite being lightweight, the material can hold high weight depending on ladder type.

For example, A telescopic ladder made of aluminum can hold 200 to 300 pounds weights depending on length and type. In addition, it is cost-effective and available between 100$ to 500$ as per brand value.

The only downside, that aluminum is conducted with electricity. So if you are working around electrical lines, then you better avoid the aluminum-made ladder.

Fiberglass Material And Its Weight Capacity

Another best material name is fiberglass, also often used for telescoping ladders. But due to its heavyweight and price, telescoping ladder manufacturers try to avoid this material.

As, the telescoping ladder is mainly getting popular because of its lightweight and cost-effective price range.

However, fiberglass is stronger and weighty than aluminum and consequently can hold a heavyweight. Fiberglass material can hold 250 to 375 pounds weight depending on ladder height and type.

Once more, fiberglass does not conduct electricity. So it is safe to use around electrical lines. By the way, the price range is a bit high compared to the aluminum ladder. It starts from 200$ and ends at 1200$ or more as per the brand’s name.

Note: Whether a telescoping ladder is made of fiberglass or aluminum material, the jointing part and lock of the ladder are mostly made of strong plastic. Since the corner and open part of both aluminum and fiberglass becomes sharp and rough. So it can be harmful to the user. In this case, the use of plastic keeps those parts smooth and safer.

Telescopic Ladder Reach Calculation Or Maximum Height Reach

Ladder HeightMaximum Reach
6 Feet5Feet
8 Feet7 Feet
10 Feet9 Feet
12 Feet11 Feet
14 Feet13 Feet

How Set Up And Use A Telescopic Ladder

After knowing a telescoping ladder definition, its material details, weight capacity, and ladder reach height. Now it’s time to learn how to set up and call up the ladder properly.

For Extending The Telescopic Ladder, Follow The Below Steps:

  • Very first, place the ladder in an upright position to ready it for use.
  • Now detach the strap holding the retracted ladder in place.
  • For keeping the ladder stable in place, step on the bottom rungs.
  • Use your both hands and detach the top rungs connector carefully.
  • It is the most crucial step you have to follow correctly. However, pull up each rung in its fully extended form. And before doing the same for the next rung make sure the locking mechanism is engaged or full lock.
  • Continue to do this for a few steps until you have reached your needed height.
  • One thing to remember, you can’t use the top three rungs of a telescoping ladder. So, the fourth rungs from the top are the highest height you can use.

Now the telescoping ladder is ready to use. There are a few safety tips you need to follow. And we have included those in the safety tip section, better check there. Moving forward, it’s time to learn the retraction process of the ladder.

How to retract the telescopic ladder

  • Firstly, hold the ladder by the couplings underneath the rungs and be sure the latches are locked.
  • Keeping your hand under the coupling, with other hand thumbs, place the lock button and start to exclude the step.
  • In this stage, ensure you have not put your hand on the locking mechanism; otherwise, it will be stuck.
  • As soon as the rungs drop down in place, simultaneously start pressing the lock buttons inside.
  • Continue to do this for each extended rung until all rungs have collapsed properly.
  • After retracting the ladder again fasten it with a strap and make sure it is tight enough for storage.

Safety Knowledge for Using Telescopic Ladders

As far as you are using a telescoping ladder here, safety is the most prominent issue. On a serious note, you have to follow the mentioned safety rule for ensuring your safety.

Have a look.

  • Never use or buy an old, broken, or low-quality telescoping ladder.
  • Staring extends the ladder from the top if you are using its full height.
  • Do not try to adjust the rungs while you are on the ladder.
  • Before climbing up, carefully check all locking mechanisms are engaged.
  • Since a telescoping ladder has to place on any support. So ensure you have placed it by following the right-angle rule
  • Place your ladder on an even surface. Be sure the surface is free from oil, debris, and slippery substance.
  • You must avoid using the upper three rungs of the telescopic ladder.
  • Make sure you have bought the right height ladder for your job.
  • Never use extra weight from the recommending weight capacity.

Frequently asked question

  • What are the best telescopic ladders in 2021?

Answer: There are three best telescopic ladders in 2021 that are worth buying. They are-Xtend & Climb 785P Aluminum Telescoping Ladder, Yvan Telescoping Ladder,12.5 FT One Button Retraction Aluminum Telescopic and Gamify Telescoping Telescopic ladder.

  • What are the advantageous reasons behind using a telescopic ladder?

Answer: There are many reasons for which you can buy and use a telescoping ladder. For example, it is easy to set up and use, lightweight to carry, adjustable in height, portable, storage needs little space and many more.

  • Can I put telescoping ladder against gutter?

Answer: Yes, definitely you can lean a telescopic ladder against a gutter. But before that make sure what size ladder you need for your gutter.

  • What should I know before buying a telescopic ladder?

Answer: The main thing you should know before buying the ladder is that it is from a good brand and certified by ANSI and EN131.

Final words:

In the end, we hope you got the answer that “are telescopic ladders safe?” Of course, every type of ladder has advantages and disadvantages and this one is also not free from that. Despite that, if safety is your only concern, then don’t worry. Telescoping ladders are safe in use if you follow our information as mentioned above.

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