How Much Does It Cost To Install Attic Ladder?

There is no wonder why you need to know “how much does it cost to install attic ladder”. Since the attic is a significant and far-reaching place in every home which is profitable as a space for many reasons.

Yes, whether you convert it as a living space or use it to store household goods in both cases, it benefits you.

Well, as it is a separate space from your living space that is situated under your roof and above the floor. It’s obvious it is difficult to access without an ideal attic ladder or stair.

Whether for storage or living, when accessing your attic space, you must need an attic ladder that ensures your safety while climbing up and down.

In this case, along with the installation cost of the attic ladder. Before buying and installing it, few questions often come to mind.

  • What are the factors to consider before installing an attic ladder?
  • Pro or DIY, which installation method should I choose?
  • How much time does it need to install an attic ladder?
  • Do I need to install an attic door or access panel?

Don’t worry; we have covered all the answers! Just go through our article, and you will find all you need.

The average cost of installing an attic ladder or stair

The cost of installing an attic ladder varies due to many reasons. For example, living area, ladder material, ladder weight capacity, hatch installation, labor cost, extra accessories cost, finishing, paint, and many others.

But the average cost of installing an attic ladder can range between $200 to $700. At the same time, the average cost can be estimated at $445, including labor charges and extra accessories.

Attic ladder or stair installation cost at a glance

  • Average cost including instilling, labor, trim, and stair kit $445 (except attic ladder price)
  • Professional installing per hour $55 to $60 (depending on your living area)
  • Attic ladder kit price $70 to $650 (depending on material)
  • Attic ladder price $200 to $1200 (depending on ladder material, type, and others)

Therefore, the average $445 cost is defined as a below chart:

Labor cost $240 (installing hour 4)

Paint cost $5 ($0.50 per square foot)

Kit $150

Trimming $50 ($3.50 per linear foot and here measure as stander 13-foot door)

In total = $445

The reason for which attic ladder installing cost may be different (cost factor)

In the beginning, we have already mentioned, the cost of installing an attic ladder depends on many factors.

Eventually, you need to consider and be aware of a few factors that can increase or decrease your total cost. Let’s have a look to get a proper idea.

1. Your living area

Your living area has a great impact on your installation cost. Yes, if you live in an urban area, then it’s obvious the labor, material, and others charge will be higher than any suburban or rural area. Therefore, it will make a great difference in total cost.

2. Any structural problem or remodeling

Another reason that also increases the attic installation cost. If your attic area had any structure problem or any hidden obstacle comes.

For example, you need to repair water pipelines, replace or relocate the air duct, chop the accessing point, move the wire, or make any structural changes.

Depending on the issue type, you may appoint a plumber, electrician, or other professional hands. Consequently, these repairs or obstacles increase your installation cost.

3. Installing time

Requirement time of installing is another reason that increases or decreases the total cost. Generally, a brand-new attic ladder is installed without any obstacle, and the problem only demands 2-3 hours.

In case you need to replace the old attic ladder or you have to do additional repair or remodel the place. The total working hours increase, and along with it, the labor cost will increase.

4. Additional accessories cost

Before or after installing your attic ladder, you might need to add extra accessories to the place.

For example: to maintain home temperature and energy, you can add an attic insulation cover, you might feel the need for an attic fan, fire protection kit for safety, or you want to do additional trimming and painting.

All these require extra effort and obviously will increase your overall costing. By the way, have a look at the accessories’ approximate price range.

  • Attic insulation cover$45 to $120
  • Attic access door$35 to $170
  • Attic air duct $20 to $50
  • Attic fan $50 to $300
  • Fire protection kit$15 to $70
  • Attic ladder footpad or cover $10 to $50

5. The Attic door or access panel installing

The maximum time you can’t avoid installing an attic door or access panel. And needless to say, it is not included in the attic ladder installation hour and costs you an extra charge.

Ordinarily, a standard 22.5”x54”- inch plywood attic access door costs you between $30 to $40. Meanwhile, some kits do not come with panels that cover the full entrance of the attic. In this manner, you need to buy extra plywood for the job. Consequently, it increases your total cost.

6. Pro and DIY installing method

The next factor is somehow interesting and challenging as well. Challenging because you have to be confident that you have enough DIY skills. And can install the attic ladder by yourself and determine to avoid the Pro contract.

And interesting because when you decide to do the project without any professional help. It will significantly lessen your overall cost by more than $200.

However, in any condition, you can visit any physical store or order online for all necessary things within your budget.

Choosing between Pro or DIY can increase or decrease your total installation cost in a great way.

Attic ladder price differences are also a reason for changing total installation cost.

The next factor that has a huge impact on your total installation cost is your ladder choosing. Yes, there are different types, sizes, materials, features, and weight capacity attic ladders or stairs available in the mart.

Choosing wisely according to your budget can make a great difference in your attic ladder installation cost.

Let’s explore different types of attic ladder prices.

1. Material

An attic ladder is generally made of the three most common materials- aluminum, wood, and steel. Although, aluminum and wood are most preferred due to their price tag. Steel is also a good choice if you are willing to pay more.

Depending on the material, the price of an attic ladder can range between three categories:

  • Aluminum attic ladder can buy between $120 to $450 (Sturdy, lightweight, and inexpensive)
  • Wood attic ladder can buy between $100 to $600 (Strong, bit heavy, and reasonable in price)
  • Steel attic ladder can buy between $400 to $1200 (Sturdy, heavy, and expensive)

2. Length

The maximum type of ladders is designed with various lengths due to user convenience. Now at the point of the attic ladder, as it has to be installed in the ceiling part. The attic ladder is featured with a mostly 7 feet to 10 feet layout because most standard ceilings are on average 7 feet to 10 feet high.

In case your ceiling is higher than 10 feet, then what to do?

Don’t worry; an attic ladder is also designed in 10 feet to 12 feet height. So if your ceiling is higher than 10 feet, you need to install a 10 to 12 feet attic ladder.

Apparently, the ladder price will vary depending on the ladder height calculation and can increase or decrease your installation cost.

3. Ladder weight capacity

After measuring the length next, you have to measure the ladder weight capacity for safety and comfortable climbing up and down.

And for ladder weight capacity, you can’t make a budget. Because installing your attic ladder would be worthless if the ladder can’t bear your weight with all your equipment.

Well, imagine your ceiling height is 8 feet, and you have chosen the attic ladder accordingly. But what about your weight and other accessories that you want to store or carry with you in your attic place?

Confused! Let us clear!

According to your weight and all accessories weight, you have to select ladder weight capacity or ladder type.

There are mainly 5 categories of ladder-type and ladder duty ratings. And according to ladder weight capacity and type, ladder price varies from one to another.

Ladder weight capacity chart

Ladder-typeWeight Capacity (pounds)
TYPE-IAA375 Pounds
TYPE-IA300 Pounds
TYPE-I250 Pounds
TYPE-II225 Pounds
TYPE-III200 Pounds

4. Attic ladder extension type

An attic ladder, extension, or opening pattern is another factor that determines ladder price and consequently increases or decreases your total installing cost.

There are mainly three types of extension or opening system of attic ladder:

  • The most common and available model is the folding and price between $100 to $1200.
  • The second extension pattern is scissor-type. It is quite uncommon, and the price starts from $550.
  • The third is a rare extension system known as sliding or telescoping. Its price starts from $140.

Cost to replace an attic ladder

The cost of replacing the attic ladder in the same place requires an extra labor charge of $55 to $60 per hour. It approximately costs you between $165 to $185. The required time is approximately 2 to 3 hours.

Remember, this charge only includes replacing the old unit but does not include any remodeling and repair.

This charge will be added to the total bill for replacing the old attic ladder with a new attic ladder.

Pro Vs. DIY which should I choose for installing an attic ladder?

The cost of installing an attic ladder can minimize to $200 and more if you decide to do the project by yourself.

In this manner, you must have professional-grade knowledge about DIY work similar to a professional contractor.

Therefore, you also need someone to help you. For uplifting the tool and accessories, you need them for the entire installing job.

Of course, you should be aware this whole process requires professional-grade knowledge and skill.

By the way, whether you want to do the project or hire a professional contractor depends on you. Here you can only save the labor charge, nothing more.

Frequently asked question

  • How much time does it take to install an attic ladder?

Answer: While you only install the attic ladder, then it requires no more than 3 hours. In case, along with attic ladder installation, you want to repair the place, remodel the structure. Besides, want to install an access door, then it will then take more than 5 hours, depending on your job type.

  • How do I measure attic ladder length according to my need?

Answer: It is quite easy to measure. Very first, take a measuring tape, measure from the floor to the ceiling height, and then measure the ceiling hole dimensions. You will get to know what height attic ladder you need. And according to your space and weight capacity, you can buy an attic ladder.

  • Do I need to follow the ladder angle rule while installing the attic ladder?

Answer: Not exactly, but yes, it is good to install your ladder at a 61-degree angle, then it will never become too vertical.

  • What is the standard size of attic access?

Answer: According to the 2012 International Residential Code, the standard attic access opening requires 30 square feet. And the vertical height should not be in excess of 30 inches. The standard frame opening measure should be 22 by 30 inches.

  • Do I need to follow any safety regulations while installing the attic ladder?

Answer: Before buying an attic ladder, you must check the ladder weight limit according to your weight. Therefore, you need to check local building permit requirements. And also, check fire safety before starting the installation process.

  • Whom do I contact to install the attic ladder?

Answer: Basically, carpenters and professional contractors install attic ladders. However, before appointing any contractor, be aware of their license and insured.

Final words

This article described all possible factors that determine “how much does it cost to install an attic ladder.”

Hopefully, you have found our information helpful and can calculate the approximate costing you have to pay for installing an attic ladder. Besides, if you have any further questions, comment below, we will try to answer you.

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